An Ordination in Philadelphia

An ordination of pastors occurred at the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Philadelphia on November 14, 2021.

After a one-year probationary period, brothers Denis Sichkar and Pavlo Nemesh were ordained for pastoral ministry. A presbytery consisting of Volodymyr Honak, Roman Kapran, Ioann Ustenko, Dennis Kanchurin, and Anatoly Moshkovsky gathered on November 10 to meet with the candidates for pastoral ministry. A presbytery is a group of pastors gathered to study and resolve a particular issue. This time the pastors examined brothers Denis and Pavlo regarding their calling, qualifications, cooperation, character and understanding in the context of ministry. The pastors asked a variety of practical and theological questions. The brothers’ exam was successful.

Sunday, November 14, turned out to be sunny and warm. The festive atmosphere of the church was felt already in the parking lot. Church members and guests witnessed the sacrament of ordination to the pastoral ministry that was directed by Rev. Roman Kapran, president of the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention. Pastors Volodymyr Honak and Dmytro Login from the local church and Pastors Roman Kapran, Ioann Ustenko and Anatoly Moshkovsky from the church association participated in the ordination.

After the church service, everyone present had a pleasant time of fellowship at the dinner table. The ordination service may be viewed via a link on YouTube.

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