Baptism in Lancaster

Those baptize are follows: Katherine Dankulich, Vanessa Lakatosh, Anna Ridkodim, Roman Shumylo, Tymofiy Kondrak, Yevheniy Tanchyn from the church of Philadelphia, and Petro Vorontsov, Roman Blyzyuk, Tatyana Kelly from the church of Lancaster. Pastors Leonid Blyznyuk and Viktor Shchipailo conducted the baptism in a lake. After that, pastors Anatoly Moshkovsky, Leonid Blyznyuk, Viktor Shchipailo, Dmytro Login, and Volodimir Gonak led a prayer with blessings over those baptized.

A lot of people gathered to celebrate the baptism. The two churches celebrated this together at a park. After the baptism there was a worship service in the open air, and the newly baptized participated in the Lord’s Supper, for the first time, with the church.

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