Celebrating the 90th birthday of Dmitro Voyevoda

Dmitro Voyevoda was born in Ukraine, in 1928. From 1947 to 1994 he lived in Lviv, until his family moved to the United States. In 1947 he was baptized, and became an active member in church ministry, especially in the church choir. God has bestowed brother Voyevoda with a unique talent; without formal music education, he started to compose music and lyrics. In total, brother Voyevoda has composed around 100 hymns. In addition, he has helped edit more than 400 Christian hymns and songs.

Despite the odds, brother Voyevoda has dedicated his life to the Lord and church. Difficult conditions did not deter his passion; after finishing work at a factory, he often rushed to church for rehearsal, and he often wrote hymns right on his lap, in a cramped apartment. Brother Voyevode embraced his passion further while serving as a choir director for a Baptist church in Lviv, for 44 years during the era of the Soviet Union.

Brother Voyevode also wrote many poems, and published three books. His contributions as a Christian composer, poet, and choir director are significant, and even now while he is in his 90s, he is still active in church ministry. This can be seen in his efforts toward broadcasting Christian programs, in Ukrainian and in the Philadelphia area. We wish Dmitro Voyevoda blessings in glorification our Lord.

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