Charlotte church takes mission trip to Ukraine

Summer is a blessed time for an exciting vacation, chatting with friends and fun adventures. It’s also a time when you are gaining new strength and ready to do good deeds. Probably, all children love warmth, sun and outdoor recreation out in the country. And not only children, but adults also are always happy to use the opportunity to plunge into the rich world of magnificent nature and experience God’s special presence in unity with it.

From June 24 to July 6, 2019, two sessions of the “Hope” health camp were held for families who serve orphans. Parents with their children were able to relax on the shores of the Sea of Azov.

The camp was organized by the Hope for Orphans Service under the social committee of the WCC ECB of Ukraine in conjunction with New Hope Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Rev. Vasily Rudnitsky is the pastor.

The management of the camp was undertaken by Alexey Ivanov, who is responsible for serving orphans in Ukraine. The coordinators of the camp were the family of Alex and Zhanna Berezovsky, who have been devoting themselves to this ministry for a long time. In the USA, they form a team, prepare a program, collect resources for the camp, and then fly to Ukraine to maximize the service to orphans. Well, you can say: “Glory to God!”

This year, during two sessions, 25 families were able to visit the camp with 150 children from the Vinnitsa, Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad and Ternopil regions for refreshing their health and spiritual fellowship.

It was a wonderful time of rest, fun, fellowship, singing, praying and glorifying God. The program, which 18 people from the USA team participated in preparing, was rich and exciting. After lights out each evening, when the children went to bed, the parents remained for the evening discussion, which was conducted by the family of Maxim and Ilona Trikoz. Often such conversations dragged on after midnight. Everyone had something to share, tell about God’s miracles and listen to useful tips from other foster families.

From such precious gatherings, families that serve orphans are saturated with God’s energy, are nourished by new forces, and are also charged with optimism and faith.

Families are very grateful to God for the opportunity to take a break from everyday activities and chat with like-minded people. They also thank the New Hope Church, without which this camp would not have taken place. Special thanks are expressed to Alex and Zhanna Berezovsky, whose hearts were open to everyone and burned with special love throughout the camp.

Dear friends, let us pray that next year as many families as possible can come and relax with their children in such a camp.

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