Snow and cold bring joy to winter campers

Snow and freezing weather – and fellowship — attracted 58 people to a winter family retreat sponsored by the Ukrainian Baptist Church of Chicago.

The retreat was held January 17-19, 2020 at Camp Joy in the state of Wisconsin.

Besides frolicking outdoors, the campers (32 adults and 26 children) spent time with the word of God.

The president of the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention in the USA, Rev. Roman Kapran, flew in from the East Coast and spoke to the group. He highlighted the intricacies involved in translating the Bible, such as the beginnings of alphabets, translating from Hebrew into Greek, and types of modern translations.

The leader of the association’s youth ministries, Denis Sichkar, spoke about what it means to ask God for wisdom as Solomon asked for it. He is a member of the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Philadelphia.
Rev. Viktor Kuzmenko presented a seminar titled “Our Values: Time, Spirituality, Dedication and Mission.” He is the association’s vice president for domestic missions.
During the retreat, Natalia Kuzmenko was engaged with children from preschool age to third grade. Daniel Wasilkiw was engaged with children from fourth to seventh grades.

Piper at Camp Joy

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