GO and GROW is a school for those who want to GO WITH CHRIST and GROW IN CHRIST. The first session was held February 20 at the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Philadelphia. More than 120 young people from different churches attended as their expression of a desire to listen to seminars on Christian apologetics. The first seminar was conducted by Vladislav Hruntkovskyi on the influence of secular ideas on Christianity. The second seminar was taught by David Letushko on the practical application of apologetics. Pavlo Vashchishin and Mark Kapran taught about the biblical basis of the Trinity at the third seminar. In the fourth seminar, Erik Onchanu told how Christianity responds to the challenges of atheists. The moderator was Denis Sichkar, and the coordinator was Alexander Mulyar.

The first session was preceded by painstaking preparation by a team headed by Pastor Roman Kapran, president of the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention in the USA. Also, special thanks go to Mariana Nemesh, Oksana Kovalchuk and all the sisters who prepared a delicious dinner for all participants. The second session was held on May 8th.

Two more sessions are planned in 2021. The purpose of Go and Grow is to encourage young people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow spiritually through Bible study.

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