2019 baptism in Minneapolis

Five young people were baptized by faith at the First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Minneapolis on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

The church and heaven witnessed the utterances of “I believe” and “I promise” given by Nika Makarenko, Nataliia Yeremeichuk, Dima Denysenko, Natalya Mustyatsa, and Glasha Mustyatsa, as they pledged to follow Christ with a clear conscience. The baptism was performed by Senior Pastor Igor Melnichuk.

Two other pastors expressed their good wishes and gave instructions to the new members of the church. The service included praise to the Lord Jesus Christ through poetry, songs and greetings.

One of the thoughts proclaimed during the service was that these five young souls who made a covenant with the Lord through baptism are the fruit of our Lord Jesus Christ’s suffering (Isaiah 53:11).

Wonderful singing by the church choir enhanced the service; first with “I Believe” (O Lord, you illuminate the sky with thousands of stars) and at the conclusion with “You’re a Holy God.”

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