Donations for “Help Ukraine”

Today is March 9th, and we want to report how the money received through our website “Help Ukraine” has been used to assist the people of Ukraine.

First, we thank God for all those who have sent money to address the needs of the Ukrainian people in this hard and desperate time.

Right now, Ukraine needs to receive help; help for people in active war zones, help for refugees, help for churches where refugees live, help for drivers who move refugees away from active war zones, help for families whose fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters have gone to the front line to defend Ukraine.

Our Convention has a strong connection with the All-Ukrainian Baptist Union in Ukraine. We conducted virtual meetings in which Igor Bandura, vice-president, told us how they work through local churches in Ukraine to facilitate humanitarian aid. They have an organized church network to distribute funds so as to provide food, clothes, medical supplies, and many other necessities to people who live in basements, bomb shelters, and churches. So far, we have made three large transfers to the All-Ukrainian Baptist Union in Ukraine.

For many Ukrainians, churches have become their homes after they were forced to leave their own homes to escape the war. We help churches and volunteers throughout Ukraine. Funds were sent to the Odessa, Dnipro, Zhitomir, and Volyn regions to buy food, clothes, medical supplies, gas, and many other necessities. Large numbers of refugees are going Westward; there are drivers going non-stop between East and West of Ukraine to rescue people from active war zones. Many churches have become shelters where people can stop for rest and food.

Here are some images of how donations are helping the people of Ukraine.


Distribution of necessities

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