Report about donations for Ukraine

Today is March 16. It is 21-st day of a war in Ukraine. The resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine has not ceased at any point in time. Unfortunately, the frustrated invader has increasingly turned to indiscriminate bombing of civilians in towns and cities, resulting in many dead civilians. Currently the city of Mariupol is undergoing a massive humanitarian crisis; this predominantly Russian-speaking city is being systematically destroyed by the Russian Military.

We want to thank all who support Ukraine in prayer and through donations. We thank God for your help. There is a short report about distributing of donation.

This week we sent a large financial donation to Ukraine through the Ukrainian Baptist Union. They in turn distributed funds throughout Ukraine, to the many churches carrying out humanitarian efforts. In particular, these funds have been significantly helping the efforts of churches in the East, that are in active war zones.

Funds were also sent to Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Lviv, and Zakarpatska Oblast (region), and have already been used in humanitarian and refugee efforts in Ukraine, focusing on providing food, medical treatment, clothes, and many other necessities. Many refugees are going westward to escape the fighting and rely on churches to provided transportation and shelter, so funds were also used to support the drivers and shelters.

Ukrainian people, thank you for your help.

There are some pictures Christian volunteers sent us.

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