COVID-19 and vaccination

A Zoom program about “Covid-19 Vaccines” was sponsored by the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention (UEBC) in the USA on March 8, 2021. Attending were 46 ministers, pastors and deacons from various churches in America and Canada.

The brotherly fellowship began with a prayer by Rev. Roman Kapran, president of the UEBC. After a brief period of acquaintance, discussion began of issues important for society related to the spread of Covid-19 and vaccination in the world. Brothers Filip Moshkovsky (DO, general practitioner, board certified in general surgery and surgical critical care) and Alexander Babich (PhD, principal scientist, Johnson Research and Development) spoke in a simple and accessible way about the disease and the danger it brings to humans, and what are the available methods of counteraction with the help of the vaccine.

The moderator of this gathering was Pastor Igor Melnichuk from the city of Minneapolis. After the presentation, a lively discussion ensued, during which the participants of the Zoom meeting had the opportunity to ask questions and receive qualified answers. At the end, the brothers thanked the organizers of the Zoom meeting and the speakers. The meeting ended with a prayer by Rev. Ivan Mileev, president of the Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association.

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