Expanded Board of the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention in the U.S.

On December 5, 2020, the expanded board of the association met in the premises of Regeneration Church in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. where the pastors are Ioann Ustenko and Denis Kanchurin. Attending the meeting were 33 brothers and 2 sisters, of whom 22 were present and 13 joined through Zoom. During the business portion, all participants unanimously supported changes to the association’s constitution and also the selection of a new treasurer of the association — Alexander Kolesnik, who is a deacon of the church in Stevens, Pennsylvania. Roman Kapran, president of the association, thanked the previous treasurer, Leonid Bliznyuk, and gave him a shofar (a ram’s horn that was used as a trumpet in ancient Israel) for a good remembrance. The Boltniews, George and Gloria, took part in the spiritual growth segment. Brother George spoke on the topic “Citizens of Two Kingdoms” about the church’s relation to politics and political movements. Sister Gloria shared her testimony about the attitudes of believers to politics and the consequences for the church. After the meeting of the expanded board, Michael Cherenkov, a representative of Mission Eurasia, took part in the conference and presented the topics “Our Mission and God’s Mission” and “Israel, the Church and the Kingdom of God.”


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