Triple Holiday in Lancaster

On October 11, 2020, the Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church in Lancaster hosted a triple celebration, a celebration of thanksgiving to God for the harvest, the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Ukrainian Church in Lancaster and the installation of Brother Shchypaylo Victor for pastoral ministry in the local church. After the prayer and the joint glorification of the Lord, a short history of the founding of the church was read, which was read to the audience by Pastor Leonid Blyzniuk. The pastors of the surrounding churches were present: Roman Kapran, Leonid Blyzniuk, Ihor Oliynyk, Dmytro Login, Andriy Dribnokhod, Viktor Shchypailo, and Pastor Alberto, a representative of the Southern Baptists. The pastors shared the Word of God, expressed their wishes and encouraged the church in its ministry. The holiday was celebrated not only by a large presence of ministers, but also guests. About 150 people had the opportunity to thank and glorify God together. The Lancaster Church Choir, led by Oksana Purshaga, sang beautifully, and children and adults recited poems to the glory of God. Everyone present had the opportunity to hear wonderful musical compositions and singing of the glorification group. A prayer of thanksgiving to God over the gifts of the earth and a prayer of blessing over the new pastor V. Shchypailo were performed in which all the pastors present took part. As always, the service ended with a prayer and a festive delicious dinner prepared by the sisters of the local church. The holiday is over, but the service continues. The Church in Lancaster continues its work and ministry, using the opportunities and means the Lord has given it to spread and glorify the name of Jesus Christ in and around Lancaster. Amen.

Pastors of the church: L. Blyzniuk and V. Shchypailo

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