Visiting the church in Sacramento

Ukrainian Baptist Convention in the USA

At the convention’s board meeting in October, the decision was made to visit all churches of the Ukrainian Baptist Convention between annual meetings. In the beginning of December (December 1-3, 2018), the president of the convention and the vice president visited the 1st Ukrainian Baptist Church in Sacramento, where brother Valentin Vavrenyuk is a pastor.

Roman Kapran, president of the convention, Ioann Ustenko, vice president of the convention, and Vyacheslav Perepelytsya, deacon at the Regeneration Church (Levittown, PA), met with the board of the 1st Ukrainian Baptist Church on Saturday (December 1). They presented to the church board the mission, vision, and values ​​of the convention’s board and a plan for future church cooperation. During the first half of the day, Roman Kapran led training for preachers on the topic “Expository Preaching.” On Sunday, Ioann Ustenko and Roman Kapran preached at the morning warship service. In this way, members of the board started the visit of churches of the convention.

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